What is a CSA and why join

CSA, also known as Community Supported Agriculture is a program that was designed to help support small scale farmers while providing the consumer with farm fresh food. The CSA model has been used on flower farms, meat farms, fruit and veggie farms as well as herb farms. A typical CSA program is bought into at the beginning of a growers season, and provides the customer with a weekly box of farm fresh goods.

Why our CSA program is different

Here at Mountain Thyme Hollow we are passionate about empowering and educating others, and our CSA model reflects this. Our CSA is designed to offer you skills and education, as well as provide you with our farm grown herbs. During our 6 week CSA share you will receive a dried, farm grown herb/s to be used in making a herbal creation, an easy to follow step by step recipe, and a link to our how to video. Each recipe is designed to be simple and to provide you with a base concept that you can then vary with herbs from your own garden. You will also receive information about the medicinal properties of the herb/s we will be working with.

Here is a list of some of the herbal magic our CSA members get to create:

*Herbal infused honey

*Herbal tea blend

*Herbal infused culinary vinegar

*Herbal infused vinegar hair rinse

*Herbal culinary salt

*Herbal salt scrub

*Herbal culinary sugar

*Herbal infused culinary oil

*Herbal infused body oil

Why make your own medicine

Although many people enjoy herbal creations, they can be intimidating to make. Our CSA provides with with the support you need to make a weekly herbal recipe using the herbs we have grown at our farm, and provided to you. What’s even better is now that you know how to make the herbal creation, you can change out the herb for one you have grown or gathered. Making your own herbal medicine is empowering, easy and fun!