We get by with a little help from our hens

Eggs, Meat, and More…

Chickens make a great addition to the homestead. Although they are known best as a source of eggs and meat, these feathered friends can also be of service in other ways too.

Chickens love to Compost!

Our hens love to compost! They love to spend hours munching and scratching at the wide variety of food scraps we give them. As omnivores, there are very few foods that are off-limits to chickens, which makes them a great recipient of table scraps!

All Good Things Have Thier Limits

Foods to avoid feeding chickens include onions, chocolate, avocado skin and pit, eggplant, peanuts, moldy bread, rhubarb, and coffee grounds.

Keep it Simple and Accessible

We keep a lid tight, food-grade bucket in our kitchen for an easy and convenient way to collect our food scraps in. Every morning we dump the bucket into their coop and then we sit back and wait for the composting magic to happen!

And Wait There’s More??!! 

Once the girls have finished composting, they move on to one of the other services they provide on the homestead, hunting bugs and insects. As organic food growers, whom do not use toxic insecticides, insects and bugs can be a real challenge to control, but lucky for us we get a little help from our hens 😉