Mountain Thyme Hollow Flagstaff

Who we are

Patty Wiley has been studying holistic healing for over 20 years. She is an herbalist, farmer, lifelong homesteader, certified Holistic Wellness coach, master gardener, yoga teacher, mother, and a lover of all things holistic. Patty believes in the importance of sustainable living, growing her own food, and creating herbal products. She is passionate about educating others and sharing her knowledge of farming and homesteading.

With a culinary background starting in 1993 and spanning the U.S. from the Northeast to the Southwest, Mike Difilippantonio has worked with local food sources before it was fashionable. Developing on-site gardens, connecting to local farmers, ranchers, and food artisans have always been an inspiration to how Mike cooks. With a passion for food history, storytelling, and growing food, Mike has become a world-renowned chef, cooking for politicians, actors, Formula 1 drivers, and musicians. Including numerous “Best of” awards, television appearances, cooking demonstrations, and charitable contributions to local organizations, Mike has always been deeply rooted in the communities he’s lived in striving to make every meal a memorable event.


Growing food at 7000 ft. in an extremely arid climate, keeping our beloved chickens and ducks safe from mountain lions, skunks and fox, all while raising a blended family of five children has been an incredible journey of love and learning. We are excited to share our stories, our farm, and our knowledge with you!